This phrase means a wide range of works and activities of an organizational and construction character that are needed to change the technical and economic indicators of a facility. In addition, the reconstruction of houses is necessary when it is required to change the purpose of the building, improve living conditions, etc. In fact, reconstruction, including the reconstruction of a private house, is an intermediate stage between such construction manipulations as repair and full-fledged construction, while reconstruction and overhauling are different concepts.

Standard reconstruction process includes:

  • Dimensions variations
  • Restructuring of a facility
  • Technical indicators improvement
  • Construction of extensions and superstructures
  • Major construction
  • Construction of mansard roof instead of an attic, including roofing work
  • Dismantling and reinforcing of structures
  • Construction of communications infrastructure

Sooner or later all the buildings wear down. Sometimes the situation can’t be managed by some repair works. Extensive work that includes reconstruction is requires. Nowadays, this service is demanded.

Building reconstruction  PrivateHouse

PrivateHouse accomplishes the reconstruction of buildings of various level of complexity. Our team is highly qualified with unique experience and is ready to solve the most difficult and non-standard tasks. We will accomplish building reconstruction of high quality and on time at the highest and professional level. Building reconstruction with our company stands for reliability and quality.

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